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IT Recycling & Disposal

provide a totally managed solution for the safe disposal of your redundant IT equipment. The service is professional, secure, free and more importantly, ethically and environmentally sound. We also work with large manufacturers to dispose of end of line products, surplus and liquidation stock.

E-Waste Management

We assist companies in the process of dismantling their IT infrastructure, with the goal of creating a Green IT ecosystem based on Industry 4.0 technologies as key collection models for WEEE waste collection in a sustainable and modern way

Managed Services & Hosting

Companies can outsource operations in order to free themselves from the complex management of their computer system and offer you à la carte solutions, accompanying you throughout the configuration and configuration of your information system.

Integration & Cloud Services

In order to better meet the growing demand for IT infrastructures, NAMSOFT is positioning itself as an integrator of solutions for the creation, evolution and replacement of the IT infrastructures present in the Datacenter by applying the most powerful technologies on the market to best meet the respective needs of its customers.

Free Nationwide Collection

We using blockchain to operate a nationwide collection service.

Discover our main process on e-waste collection

IT Recycled Responsibly

Operate a zero landfill policy to our customers and the environment.

Discover our various computer recycling services

Secure Data Destruction

Guarantee complete data security and destruction of all data media.

Discover our policies regarding data destruction

Totally Managed Solution

Offering a totally managed secure and ethical solution for your IT infrastructure.

Discover all our IT solutions

Our Skills

In a constantly evolving field of technology, effective self-regulation has become essential, given the future regulations that will affect several sectors such as finance, insurance, logistics and many others, it becomes necessary to settle the issues. digital transformations as an integral part of business

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You are a small business, an SMB or a large company?

Our teams are composed of several engineers and specialized project managers who carry out all of our integration, commissioning and migration services.

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IT Recycled Responsibly

A totally managed recycling solution for the safe disposal of your redundant IT equipment


Internal transfer of skills constant. Adaptation on the different themes of the national & international IT ecosystem


representative of SMB to multinationals


composed of technicians, engineers, project managers and specialized experts

Advising & Consulting

changes to your information system


More than 100 young professionals trained between 2017 & 2018 A community of several public and private universities on the national territory.

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